MONORAL was originally founded as an outdoor equipment brand in 2010, focusing on developing simple and functional gears transportable by human power.

The core value started with cycling. As Sunami, the founder/the designer of the brand, has been traveling and trail riding by MTB for a long time in his life. The brand now finally produces bikes. That is MONORAL BIKES.

Through his various experiences, he was keen to produce a “do it all” versatile bike. Then he started developing bikes in 2017. He spent over 100 days on bike camping a year in his college days as well as riding MTB in his local trails. Therefore, versatility was the greatest concern.

He picked up titanium as a material because it was long lasting as a partner for trail riding and traveling even all around the world. It’s the best bike material for light weight, durability, flexy and rustproof even in long cycling in the rain.

He raced with the first proto in Asian Enduro Series in Nepal in 2018. Then he started racing National Enduro Series in Japan too. Through the races he met some riders who eventually became test-riders for the brand.

He is an industrial designer. He makes the best of his experiences and skills to uniquely develop the frames. With experienced factories in Asia, he is committed to make quality bikes as his life work.


Henrik Miller
Hiroki Watanabe
Shimpei Koseki
Sunil Sharma

Manish Maharjan

Ayano Narita


Kazuhiro Ichihara
Nobuhiro Takemura
Shyam Limbu
Teruyuki Soda
Shingo Sato


Takeo Sunami